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Cancel FindLaw,, Scorpion Design and OWN Your Website.

My name is James Eichenberger; I have been implementing and executing on-line marketing plans for law firms of all sizes since 2003. Whether you have an old site that you would like to update, a site from a corporate provider (like FindLaw,, Scorpion Design, or one of the phone companies) that you would like to cancel, or have no website at all, I can help. I am available via email or phone to answer any questions you may have. Don't hesitate to call me at 651.271.8845 or click here to email me.

Replace Your FindLaw Website

If you currently have your law firm website with FindLaw, you're likely paying much more, and receiving much less than you should be. I have worked with several former, FindLaw and Scorpion Design clients to help them improve their online presence while cutting costs dramatically.

With over 12 years experience in legal marketing, I understand what it takes to build and maintain a successful web presence. I have worked with law firms of all sizes on a variety of projects (web design, search engine optimization, blogging, showing up on Google maps, video production and more).

The market is flooded with companies offering website and search engine optimization (SEO) services. Claims of "increased traffic to your website" and "search engine optimization to achieve top placement" probably fill your inbox on a daily basis. The fact is, search engine optimization is really only one element of a successful marketing plan. Google seems to be making it more and more complex to consistantly show up for targeting terms. The fact is, if you're paying monthly and not receiving specific, detailed information about what your SEO company is doing on your behalf, there's a good chance you're being taken for a ride. If you are suspicious that you are paying for SEO services, but receiving little more than lip service and web hosting, call me at 651.271.8845 today.

The following testimonial from Harvey Skees, a Twin Cities DUI Defense Lawyer sums up what I do better than I could myself:

"I've been working with James on my online marketing for almost two years now. As a busy practicing attorney, I had been trying to find time to fix up my small business site with Yahoo for far too long. James took me from just 'having' a website to 'having a website that people can find on the first page of Google. I consider James to be more a valuable partner to my law firm instead of simply a vendor. My practice has shown measurable growth as a result of the websites that he has built. I worked with him to develop a second, specialized website to target a specific geography, which has been a great addition. In short, this has been the best value and results I've received for my marketing dollars since opening a practice."

I have packages that fit for small business owners who are cost conscious and just need to get a basic site up and running, and also have offerings that integrate linking campaigns, directory presence, search engine optimization and new content for your site.

I offer website packages on a one-time build basis, as a monthly on-going service, or can perform maintenance to your site on-demand at and bill you hourly. To read more about service options with Swell-Sites, click here.

Feel free to contact me via email with any questions. I am available on the phone, over email, Facebook chat or video conferencing through Skype.