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Are you a FindLaw client? Looking to move or rebuild your website? I can help.

I work with clients on developing, improving and advancing all levels of law firm websites.

This shouldn't be that difficult

My name is James Eichenberger; I have been working in online legal marketing since 2003. I worked in several positions through all levels of Account Management and Sales for FindLaw from 2003 through 2008. I learned a lot about what attorneys want in a website. Unfortunately what I was supporting and eventually selling with FindLaw (and what's available through most legal marking companies) was exactly the opposite of what most lawyers wanted in a website.

Long contracts and high monthly fees

FindLaw, like, Scorpion and the majority of companies who cater to the legal industry want you to sign a two or three year contract and pay them every month. However, outside of the initial building of your website, you are likely not getting service to justify that on-going fee. You have the same website that you do in year two and three as you did in year one; you are essentially paying for the same website over and over.

Isn't FindLaw optimizing my site?

Part of the reason a lot of law firms justify paying every month is that they feel their results would be jeopardized if they moved the site. Moving a site does take some know-how and finesse, but when done correctly, search engine rankings are rarely effected. Search engine rankings are not the result of FindLaw or any other company pulling strings behind the scenes to keep you on the first page. They are the result of the content and some basic SEO coding written during the initial development of your site. By virtue of the FindLaw contract you own the content on the site, and the SEO coding is easily improved. All they are really providing is their directory (which is something that deserves consideration depending on your location and practice areas) and website hosting. Website hosting is roughly $80 per year.

To learn more about cancelling your FindLaw website, click here.

The illusion of success.

Not every client that comes through the site should be attributed to your position on Google. If you look at your traffic reports, you'll very likely see that a good amount of traffic comes to you through searches for your name, or your law firm name, just like many of your clients likely come from past clients. The business that is coming from your website is likely just as correctly attributed to you, your reputation and your referral base as it is your position on Google. Additionally, even your position on Google may not be something that FindLaw is even responsible for.

To learn more about "The Illusion of Success" click here.

How is Swell-Sites different?

My goal is to help lawyers differentiate between a well built website and an active marketing plan. I offer both, and I think most attorneys have at least some need for both, but I do not confuse the two. You will pay a flat fee for your website, and you will own your website outright. You have the option of zero on-going fees, and if needed, you can hire me to work on your site on an hourly basis. I do also offer on-going packages for law firms with more aggressive marketing goals.

Contact Me Today

If you have questions about your website, where your traffic and clients are coming from or how to move your FindLaw website and stop paying monthly I can help. Call, email or text message me and I can help you understand how I can help you take control of your online marketing dollars, whether that means saving them for yourself, or re-investing them into getting in front of more clients on the web. Call or text me at 651.271.8845 or click here to email me.

Replace Your FindLaw Website

If you currently have your law firm website with FindLaw, you're likely paying much more, and receiving much less than you should be. I have worked with several former, FindLaw and Scorpion Design clients to help them improve their online presence while cutting costs dramatically. To talk about what it will take for your law firm to own your site , call or text me at 651-271-8845 or email me today.