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Online Legal Marketing - Law Firm Websites

Cancel FindLaw, or Scorpion
and OWN Your Website.

My name is James Eichenberger; I have been implementing and executing on-line marketing plans for law firms of all sizes since 2003. Whether you have an old site that you would like to update, a site from a corporate provider (like FindLaw,, Scorpion Design, or one of the Yellowpage / Yellowbook companies) that you would like to cancel, or have no website at all, I can help you build a plan that will maximize the results you are seeing while eliminating the monthly service charges for phantom services like "on-going optimization" (which...I can almost certainly assure you, is not happening).

I am available via email or phone to answer any questions you may have. Don't hesitate to call me at 651.271.8845 or click here to email me.

Replace Your FindLaw Website

If you currently have your law firm website with FindLaw, you're likely paying much more, and receiving much less than you should be. I have worked with several former, FindLaw and Scorpion Design clients to help them improve their online presence while cutting costs dramatically.

Custom website packages start at $2,500.

Call Me at 651.271.8845 or Email Today for a Website Review.

But what about the on-going optimization they are providing?

Let's be honest. If your current provider was able to do all of the things they said they were doing, you would be raking in new clients from your website instead of looking for a new one. There is really no such thing as on-going optimization and if you ask your provider exactly what actions they are taking on your site, you'll hear a lot of jargon and double-talk. My optional on-going package includes a fixed number of pages, videos, or hours spent actively looking through your site. If your provider can't detail exactly what they're doing, there's a good chance they are not doing much of anything.

What optimization will Swell-Sites provide?

My aim is to build a great looking site that follows all of the guidelines for search engine visibility. I can not guarantee any specific placements or results. Understand that NO ONE will actually guarantee results, as much as the sales rep may make it sounds like they do. Everyone who does SEO is at the mercy of Google's algorithm. It's difficult to consistently show up for competitive searches. All of that said, with good content, coding, a Google+ presence, correct use of the Google webmaster tools and a reasonable target and expectations, you can have a lot of success through organic placement.

You have to understand that search engine optimization is far more complex than it's ever been. After the Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird updates, it seems increasingly clear that Google is tired of third party providers selling the exposure they are giving away for free on their site. I encourage my clients to have their website in their own name, registered with their own account through Google. If you are set up on Google through a company like FindLaw, or Scorpion, you are going to be subject to whatever Google thinks of that entire company. You are far better off managing (or having someone else manage) a single account that is only associated with your website. To read more about this topic, see my article on consistency.