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Remarketing for law firms

Remarketing for your law firm website

Remarketing for Law Firms

An under-used option in Google Adwords Can Keep your Visitors Coming Back.

Even the highest performing law firm websites only convert 3 or 4% of the visits that they receive into a client or contact. That means that over 95% of the visitors that come to your website end up leaving. Remarketing, a service offered through Google’s Adwords platform, gives you the opportunity to stay in front of that potential client in a very cost-effective way.

Common Practice for Major Retailers

If you have shopped online at a major retail site you have very likely experienced remarketing; you look at an item, but do not buy it. Now every other website you go to have an advertisement for the exact product you were looking at. This works by putting a piece of tracking code on your website so that you can identify people who have been there before. Then, when your website visitors go out to any website that is included in Google display network, they will see your law firms ad. Google’s display network appears on a wide variety of sites from local news channels to major sites like ESPN and CNN.

Great Value with Low Per-Click Costs

Now, for up to 45 days after they leave your site, they’re seeing your ads throughout the web. What’s even better is that you are only charged if they click on your ad. Since they’ve been to your site before, if they do click on your ad they are coming back to your site instead of being there for the first time. These visits are far more likely to convert, since they have already seen your message and what you have to offer and are choosing to visit the site again. Where traditional Adwords can cost upwards of $100 per click, these remarketing clicks are typically going to cost as little as $2 or $3.

Trigger Events & Long Decision Making Processes

This model makes sense for most consumer-facing areas of law like divorce, bankruptcy and even personal injury and criminal defense. Imagine your potential client first looking at your site after a past due notice or a fight with their spouse. They end up getting some preliminary information about bankruptcy or divorce, but end up not taking any action. Now, when aggressive collection calls start, or problems with the spouse continue, they are more likely to come back to your site instead of start a new search. Your potential clients may already remember your firm name having seen your ad over the past few weeks. Even if they don’t, they will be seeing the ads again but they will likely resonate with them even more after additional trigger events.

Sophisticated Strategy, Great Value

While traditional Adwords advertising can cost thousands of dollars a month, most remarketing campaigns will only cost $100 or $200 per month (usually MUCH less). The relatively expensive part of a remarketing campaign is the initial set up; not only does it require a familiarity with Google Adwords, but it also requries the creation of about 20 different sized image ads. Once the initial set-up is complete, this is both extremely cost-effective and easy to maintain. offers ad words remarketing set up for a flat rate of $750. This includes the ads you'll need, and the instructions for the code that needs to be added to your website. If you are able to give me access to update your website I can take care of implementing the coding as well.

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Instead of spending endless dollars month after month on fighting for exposure, make sure that you're making every possible effort to convert the visitors who have already been to your website. Remarketing your law firm website through Google Adwords is an effective and affordable way to bring traffic that did not convert the first time back to your website. To learn more about Remarketing or to get started, contact me today. To learn more about the actual nuts & bolts of what you get for the $750, click here.

See What You Get for the $750

To get a better feel for what is included when I set up remarketing through Google Adwords for your law firm, see this page on remarketing nuts & bolts.