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how much does a FindLaw website cost?

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You can and should own your website, and I can help you.

Canceling your FindLaw Website

A lot of law firms begin thinking about canceling their FindLaw website shortly after signing that initial contract.  I have successfully helped over a hundred law firms move away from FindLaw and take owneship of their law firm website.   In addition to the article I wrote for the New York Personal Injury Blog, this article can walk you through what you need to consider and how to move forward with taking ownership of your website.

Transferring Your FindLaw Website

There are really only a few simple things that you need to get your website away from FindLaw. Owning your website can save your law firm thousands of dollars a year, and get you much better results as well.

Remarketing with Google Adwords

Remarkeing can be a great way to get the most bang out of the bucks you're spending to get people to the website the first time. It's also a great way to ensure that people are remembering your name and can easily get back to your website after they've left. To learn more about remarketing for law firms, click here.

Increasing Conversion on Your Law Firm Website

We focus a lot of effort around how to get more traffic to a law firm website, but how much effort are we directing towards converting the traffic we already have? Prospective clients leave your website every day. Here are some tips for improving your conversion rates.

The illusion of success.

Not every client that comes through the site should be attributed to your position on Google. If you look at your traffic reports, you'll very likely see that a good amount of traffic comes to you through searches for your name, or your law firm name, just like many of your clients likely come from past clients. The business that is coming from your website is likely just as correctly attributed to you, your reputation and your referral base as it is your position on Google. Additionally, some of the most valuable positions on Google (like the Map listings at the top of the page) have little or nothing to do with your website. To learn more about "The Illusion of Success" click here.

Consistency Matters: Traffic Results from Monthly Package Clients

In this article I talk about why it's critical to not keep switching website providers, and (anonymously) share some traffic information from two of my clients who are on monthly packages.

How do I get the little thumbnail image to show up next to my site on Google?

Google+ started in June of 2011, and has since offered an authorship verification process that allows to you link your original content to your Google+ profile. In this article, I discuss why I think the seen, and unseen effects of this change are of critical importance.

Why your Law Firm should Own your Website

Whether you need to have your website updated daily, monthly or go years without updating it, you should own your website. If set up correctly, you can keep your website running for as little as $80 per year. If you are being sold on the idea that a monthly website contract is providing you more than hosting, you better know exactly what you are receiving for the money....(read more)

Why your Law Firm probably should NOT have a blog.

So many law firms have not addressed basic issues on their website, but yet they want to take on the commitment (or at least create the illusion that they have) of creating new content on a regular basis. Regardless of what your sales rep is telling you, it's probably not going to benefit you as much as you think, and you might just be wasting your time.

Should I be using the "www" or the "non-www" version of my website?

This issue has become more and more important, especially with the rise of Google+ and their authorship verification process.