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Driving Traffic to Your Website

driving traffic to your law firm website

Getting Traffic to your Law Firm Website

I’ve written a fair amount about why you need a nice website and why you should not have to pay for it over and over again every month.  Once you own your website, you still have to actually drive meaningful traffic to the site.  Most of this is done through the search engines, specifically Google.   “SEO” or “Search Engine Optimization” is either the best thing in the world or a total con depending on how it worked out and how much you paid for it.  SEO is also a very wide term that can mean many different things to different law firms….what are you going to show up for?  Where?  When?  From what IP Address?  

There are a lot of variables to even defining what SEO is.  Good search engine positioning doesn’t come from putting your website “on steroids” it comes from (if we have to use that lame analogy) eating your vegetables and working out on a regular basis, and then modifying your routine based on the results you’re seeing.

Adwords Last: Everything else Needs to be in order before you buy traffic.

Google Adwords – what could be simpler?  You pay some money to get in front of your target audience, and the clients come rolling in… right?  No, not at all, and when you hear about people dumping hundreds, or thousands of dollars into PPC (pay per click) it’s usually because they just jumped right it or bought something they didn’t understand.  

Google Adwords is a great tool when used correctly.  However, Google Adwords is also fairly expensive, and requires that every other element of your online marketing plan be in good shape first.  When you’re paying $20 (in some cases WAY more) per click, you need to make sure that you have addressed every element of your website to ensure conversion.

Everything Else.

Well, since Adwords is last, “Everything Else” has to be first.  I wrote these pages hoping that people would get a better understanding of what really makes up SEO.  That said, this isn’t meant to be a checklist.  Most of this is just what it takes to be on the level of your competition and have a chance at showing up.  I don’t mean to be discouraging, but I feel like every sales message out there is that you can rocket to the top of Google overnight, and that’s just not true.  So, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you CAN be hopeful about the fact that almost all of these things listed below are free or relatively affordable, and there are even people you can hire to take care of them for you.

These links all will bring you out to my blog.

  • Understanding that the Internet is an Environment
    Here I try to give a basic explanation of some of the factors that Google takes into account when considering your website, and really your business. This has become a lot more complex then just using a lot of keywords in your content.
  • A good-looking, technically sound website
    Once you’re able to get people to your website, you’ll need for it to be a nice looking website that looks nice on a phone, tablet, laptop or 32″ screen for that matter.
  • Google Map Listing / Google+
    Showing up on the map has become the best and most cost-effective way to get to the top of the Google search page.  It’s probably the most difficult in competitive areas as well, but certainly worth pursuing.
  • Social media for Lawyers and Law Firms
    I know….  stop rolling your eyes.  I get that it’s not fun or cool, and you know what?  You’re right, but here’s the thing – you have a chance to build a page on some of the largest and most highest trafficked websites in the world that point to your website, and that is worth pursuing, even if taking pictures of sandwiches isn’t your thing.
  • Content Marketing
    This is what SEO is really made of, after you get everything in place, the best thing that you can do to consistently advance both the positioning of your website and the likelihood that it will convert your visitors to clients is write good content about what you do and how you can help people.
  • Legal Directories
    Legal directories are actually still a thing…. in case you weren’t aware.  While I really would suggest dedicating only a very small percentage of your overall marketing budget to legal directories, it’s still worth mentioning.

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